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Artwork by Christian Branscombe


Christian Branscombe is a founding member of Healing Through Art (HTA). HTA is an art program that Chris developed while incarcerated along with other individuals sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP).  The program uses their art to raise money for various organizations. In 2019, Chris' LWOP sentence was commuted by Governor Brown and he was granted freedom by the Board of Prison Hearings. He is a dedicated Restorative Justice Advocate and currently works at Anti-Recidivism Coalition.


When Chris first went to prison in 1996 it was part of the culture to draw pictures on the envelopes as a way to make correspondence more appealing. When CDCR decided to start stamping the envelopes with "State Prison Generated Mail" the envelopes became "prison art" and people began to sell them and send the money back inside to Chris and his friends. Once CDCR learned they were gaining revenue from drawing on their envelopes, they banned them from being able to send out envelopes that had artwork on them.


All revenue from the sales of the envelope series will directly support formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.

Envelopes (set of 9)

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