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Find a PenPal:

"At the onset of COVID, Let’s Get Free began gathering weekly over zoom to write to our community on the inside to help lessen the burden of the increased restrictions and confinement that people in prison all of the country were and continue to be subjected to. Even as restrictions lessen we decided to continue holding the regular space to keep up with ongoing correspondence. We welcome first time penpals."


Pink and Black Penpal Program:

Organizations to follow:

Critical Resistance @criticalresistance

Initiate Justice @initiateustice

Justice LA @justicelanow

Californians United for a Responsible Budget @curbprisons

California Coalition for Women Prisoners @c_c_w_p

Community Coalition @cocosouthla

Dignity and Power Now @dignityandpowernow

Reform LA Jails @reformlajails

Black Lives Matter @blklivesmatter

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Chapter @blmlosangeles

Equal Justice Initiative @eji_org

Movement for Black Lives @mvmnt4blklives

The MOVE Organization @themoveorganization

The Nap Ministry @thenapministry

Asians for Mental Health @asiansformentalhealth

People to follow:

Patrisse Cullors @osopepatrisse

Marc Lamont Hill @marclamonthill

Brittany Packnett @mspackyetti

Tiffany Loftin @tiffanydloftin

Tamika Mallory @tamikadmallory


Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Mariame Kaba

Angela Davis 


Articles and Conversations:

Abolition And Reparations: Histories of Resistance, Transformative Justice, And Accountability by Patrisse Cullors - Article

Justice in America Podcast: Mariame Kaba and Prison Abolition - Podcast

Intercepted. - Ruth Wilson Gilmore Makes The Case For Abolition - Podcast

Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police by Mariame Kaba - Article

America, This Is Your Chance by Michelle Alexander  - Article


Abolition Journal Study Guide

Books to Read:


The End to Policing by Alex Vitale


Are Prisons Obsolete by Angela Davis 


Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California, Second Edition by Ruth Wilson Gilmore


When they Call you a Terrorist by Patrisse Cullors 


Fumbling Towards Repair: A Workbook for Community Accountability Facilitators by Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan 


“Freedom is a Constant Struggle: from Ferguson to Palestine” by Angela Davis


Mass Liberation Glossary


Donate to Prop 17


Prop 17 is a ballot measure that will restore voting rights to people who are on parole in the state of California. (That is about 50,000 people)

Donate to Measure J

Measure J will amend L.A County’s charter to permanently allocate at least 10% of existing locally - controlled revenues - growing close to $1B once fully phased in - to be directed to community investment and al

Donate to California Coalition of Women Prisoners: 
CCWP is a grassroots social justice organization, with members inside and outside prison, that challenges the institutional violence imposed on women, transgender people, and communities of color by the prison industrial complex (PIC). We see the struggle for racial and gender justice as central to dismantling the PIC and we prioritize the leadership of the people, families, and communities most impacted in building this movement

Donate to US, the collective of artists that curated this event! All donations will go to the creation of our next project. 


Past work:

Support the Breathe Act

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