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Thu Nov 5, 2020   ZOOM
writing(you)topias: dreaming on the page
Time and Location:

Nov 5, 1 PM ZOOM


What is your utopia?  unlocking your desires can be the first step to self-advocacy, in your everyday life and otherwise. this workshop asks us to engage in writing exercises that center our personal paradise(s), forge connections, and allow us to stretch to embrace the bounds of what we want and need.



Zharia O’Neal (she/her/hers) is a playwright, poet, and multi-medium storyteller from the British Virgin Islands. She is a second-year International Artists’ Fellow in Dramatic Writing at the University of Southern California and a Literary Associate at Playwrights’ Arena. Seasoned with fistfuls of fish, fungi, and black comedy, Zharia’s work tends to explore the liminal space between places, nationalities, languages, and genres and has been recognized and commissioned by HUMANITAS. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild and The Homiez Collective, a multidisciplinary group of Black artists in Los Angeles.

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