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Thu Nov 21, 2020   ZOOM
 Practical Healing: A Guide to Integrate Daily Wellness
Time and Location:

Nov 21, 2:00 PM ZOOM


This workshop is meant to provide a guide to tap into wellness techniques to integrate into your daily routine.  Jordi will begin with a brief astrological check-in sharing what is going on with the stars, guide a sound bowl grounding meditation, share aromatherapy tips, and affirmations.  Join us as we share information and techniques that will enhance your healing rituals!



Jordi is a non-conforming, afrofuturistic, multidimensional artist weaving healing energy for the self and the community. Her practice is deeply rooted in a celestial connection to the other-wordly. Through healing facilitation with sound bowls, energy healing modalities, and guided meditation, Jordi helps process human emotions, growth, trauma, and the emergence of authentic selfhoods. Her healing practices are deeply involved with local activism of Los Angeles’s QTBIPOC (queer, trans, Black, Indiginous and persons of colour) communities. Her work has been presented in Canada, New York film festivals, and the Getty Museum on Tongva Land.

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