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Thu Oct 22, 2020   ZOOM
Time and Location:

Oct 22, 2:00 PM ZOOM



In this webinar you will learn about Krys' work at Californians Coalition for Women's Prisoners, the #MeTooBehindBars Campaign, and Kyrs' experiences in prison.

Kyrs Shelley.jpg

Host Bio:

Krys Shelley spent 12 years behind bars in California — from juvenile hall, to adult prison as a youth. While incarcerated, Krys did several solitary terms where they saw many people being abused. Krys experienced abuse for being and looking different as a Black gender nonconforming person. Krys connected with CCWP while incarcerated and has continued to organize with CCWP since their release, including with the #MeTooBehindBars campaign. As part of the Trans Advocacy Group (TAG), Krys trained California’s parole commissioners on discrimination againt incarcerated trans and GNC people. Since 2013, Krys has been a woodworker at the Offerman Woodshop. Krys is also a lead trainer with WouldWorks, providing advocacy and support for formerly homeless people in Skid Row housing.

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